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You may not know Guangzhou Escort nightlife after 10PM If you say that Guangzhou backpage is a low-key and pragmatic city. People of different ethnics surround together in the riverside bar for Guangzhou Outcall service. With the catalysis of music and alcohol, the air has become paralyzed. After waking up, go to the early morning food stall to eat baked oysters, and then fall asleep before dawn.

Senior nightlife expert, Liang Hongyu, a member of the Youth Federation of Yuexiu District in Guangzhou, said that Guangzhou’s nights are mellow in the four seasons. Even if walking alone in the street early in the morning, it is not cold and unsafe. This may be the reason why Guangzhou’s nightlife is developed. Drink night tea, Pu night market, eat supper … … Guangzhou became the Pearl River Delta nightlife center because of a variety of night lifestyles.

On the evening of October, when the Guangzhou escorts people walked into the foot-washing room and lived on a water-in-the-bowl, the northeastern people sat on the coffins to warm up. At this moment, the Cantonese people had just started the wonderful night-life after dinner. After Zeng Jiachao was a 90-year-old Guangzhou native, beijing escort he chose to sleep until the afternoon during the holiday season. After dinner, it was the beginning of a wonderful day. Citing Hong Kong’s claim, HappyH went straight, saying that after supper, he would sing karaoke and then “ “Guangzhou Outcall Service Club” (night field), and then to the food stall night, ending a wonderful night.

Guangzhou people’s longing for nightlife is directly reflected in the bar street that has mushroomed. In 2010, after the Canton Tower was built into a street with a bar;Tianhe Xingsheng exchanged European and American pub food street;Panyu Fisherman’s Wharf Linjiang Bar Street;plus The traditional Yuexiu Gold Rush;Bar Street along the Yangtze River;Fangcun Bar Street in Tsuen Wan;and the downtown area of ​​Guangzhou have a bar street for almost every three or four kilometers. Disco, Pub, Qing Bar, Kara OK, and Spa Pavilion are dotted.

“Sometimes we see men and women who drink too much in the middle of the night. Guangzhou’s passersby will usually call or call the car and have not seen any act of “dead body drunkenness.” . Tony, who has been a security guard for four years in the bar, said that cameras are everywhere in Guangzhou. Police at night are very good. The Guangzhou Hotel Massage girls still take a cell phone taxi by the side of the road.


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