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In 2035, how can Guangzhou achieve an overall leap from a hub-type network city to a leading global city? Recently, it was organized by Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences and co-organized by the Metropolis Metropolis 2018 “Guangzhou Global City Evaluation Research – Index Ranking and Development Trends Symposium”.

From the World Bank’s “Business Environment Report” project team, the Globalization and Global City Research Network (GaWC), the Japan Forest Memorial Foundation, the IESE Business School of the University of Navarre, Kearney Consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Experts from the UK’s Oxford Economic Research Institute, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and other domestic and international authoritative global city index and ranking system research institutions, and senior consultants of the Metropolis, around the new theories, methods and global cities of global urban research The development trend will be discussed and suggestions will be provided on how Guangzhou can improve global city rankings and international competitiveness. This will provide a useful reference for the development of urbanization in China and the construction of a global city.

Zhang Yueguo, party secretary and dean of the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, introduced that the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences will continue to hold academic discussions and related activities on “Guangzhou Global City Evaluation Research” to promote the in-depth dialogue and cooperation between global urban research institutions and experts to create a global urban research Important international exchange and cooperation platform.

Zhang Yueguo, Party Secretary and Dean of Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences:

Six initiatives helped boost Guangzhou’s leading global cities

“With the development of globalization, the status and role of global cities have become increasingly prominent. Since the reform and opening up, Guangzhou has been seizing the opportunities for development, continuously upgrading its global resource allocation capabilities, and grasping the new trends in the development of global cities. It has undergone profound changes in the international political and economic structure. In the background, we have further entered the fast track of global urban development.” At the scene, Zhang Yueguo delivered a keynote speech titled “Guangzhou 2035: From Hub-type Network City to Leading Global City”.

Zhang Yueguo summed up the 8 major trends of global urban transformation: the value orientation of global urban development is shifting from a highly focused economic value to a comprehensive value; the functional orientation shifts from flow aggregation to decision-making control; and the strength orientation highlights hard power to the influence of soft power. Outstanding; development dynamic orientation is driven from the element to the innovation; spatial orientation is changed from a single city to an urban area; interaction and linkage orientation changes from vertical to flat and networked; development path orientation changes from comprehensive to diversity; The orientation changed from preferential to open.

In view of Zhang Yueguo, the construction of a hub-type network city is a strategic choice of Guangzhou escorts in the global urban system, with solid support, including an international trade center, an international integrated transport hub, an international exchange center, an international science and technology industry innovation center, and a world cultural city.

Among them, the 2Thinknow think tank research shows that since 2010, Guangzhou has maintained its “city of nodes” level in the “Global City Innovation Index” for many years. In the 2017 latest ranking, Guangzhou was upgraded to a “hub city” level, ranked 97th out of 500 cities, a sharp jump of 96 compared to the previous period.

In the new round of high-level opening to the outside world, how can Guangzhou move from a hub-and-network shanghai escorts city to a leading global city? Zhang Yueguo believes that in the future, Guangzhou will take the lead in constructing a global city with socialism with Chinese characteristics as the strategic guideline, adhering to the four development concepts of “global positioning, innovation leading, planning ahead, and system construction” and create an open economy that integrates globally. System, improve global radiation resource allocation capabilities, plan global win-win cooperation, build a globally accessible hub network, create a livable environment for global benchmarking, and implement a global coverage communication strategy. The urban transition to a leading global city and the overall leap forward.

Zhang Yueguo emphasized in particular that Guangzhou must intensify its efforts to undertake major national science centers and scientific installations and promote international cooperation in innovation. Guangzhou can also use the advantages of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau in the Greater Bay Area to cooperate with the offshore RMB center in Hong Kong to promote the construction of an international financial center.


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